We are a team of dedicated professionals with experience that crosses what is often seen as the divide between scholarship and practice.

We are a community of staff and students working towards a common goal of science communication as an agent of social innovation and social justice.

We share a vision of science and innovation that includes a range of stakeholders in a process of co-production that is responsible, inclusive and sustainable.

Our home is Rhine-Waal University, one of the most internationally diverse universities in the world.

Our work is guided by a trans-cultural, comparative approach. We are particularly interested in the global diversity of science communication and therefore try to learn from collaborating in projects with more than 80 different institutions worldwide. The department also activiely contributes to networks such as PCST, RedPOP, and EASST.

As a Science Communication Department we have a diverse roster of international partners, such as the National Research Foundation in South Africa, Dublin City University in Ireland, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Spain, the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel, the Université de Lyon in France, the University of Malta, the University of Edinburgh in the UK, the Itmo University in Russia, and the China Research Institute for Science Popularization, to name a few.

  • Prof. Alexander Gerber

    Department Chair. Information Scientist and long-time science journalist/author/ film director in the area of science and innovation. Head of Marketing & Communications at Fraunhofer ICT Group. Founder and editor-in-chief of InnoVisions Magazine from 2006 to 2010. Initiator and coordinator of "Trend Studies" on Science Communication. Governing Board member of PCST and EuroScience; ESOF Supervisory Board. Prof. Gerber is also co-founder and now Scientific Director of the extramural Institute for Science and Innovation Communication (INSCICO).

    Prof. Gerber´s Upcoming Public Lectures and Presentations

Research Associates

  • Dr. Peter Broks

    Research Officer on the project management team for NUCLEUS, a project that embeds Responsible Research and Innovation into scientific institutions and universities. Also teaches in our degree programme, especially in "History of Science and Technology", "Empirical Research Methodologies" and "Public Affairs".

  • Dr. Annette Klinkert

    Coordinator of the implementation of RRI at Rhine-Waal, as part of the NUCLEUS project. In addition to her work here in the department, Annette also serves as Executive Director at EUSEA (European Science Engagement Association), and as the CEO of city2science, a German company for science communication and strategy consulting.

  • Daniela Martin

    Communications Officer in the NUCLEUS Project. She has been been a consultant in urban development planning and management for governments, universities and international organizations. Also teaches in our degree programme, especially the Journalism modules.

  • Leane Regan

    Communications Officer in the NUCLEUS Project. Communication and engagement specialist with more than twenty years of experience in the field.

  • Dr. des. Francesc Rodríguez

    Expert in sociological research with experience at various Canadian, Spanish and German organizations and research centers. His experience in environmental sociology gives him a unique ability to understand the relations between humans and their social and natural environment.

  • Andrea Troncoso

    Project Administrative in NUCLEUS, where she mainly coordinates the Annual Conference. Andrea also works as a Project Officer at EUSEA, coordinating the Mobile Nuclei activities and promoting new understandings of RRI in academic contexts. Also she is the Project Manager at City2Science.

  • Linda van Dijk

    Financial Project Officer of the NUCLEUS Project. Responsible of managing central financial activities and processes; delivering the portfolio Status Reporting; and for time tracking reporting, so that the follow-up of the budget is assured.

  • Yvonne Braeutigam

    PhD Applicant. Head of Online Communications and PR Officer in ZEW's Public Relations Department. Responsible for ZEW's online communications strategy and all online PR activities.

  • Danielle Farrugia

    PhD Applicant. Experienced Science Educator with a history of working in the higher education industry. Strong media and communication professional with a Master of Science (M.Sc.) focused in Science and Society from The Open University.

Research and Teaching Assistants