App – Science2Go

By Hariharan Arevalagam, Malte Koch & Konstantin Meixner, 2019

An often-overlooked feature of science is its ubiquitous nature – it does not only happen in academia and laboratories, science is right around every corner, often not recognized by the untrained eye.

Science2Go highlights these hidden phenomena and invites users to experience a new perspective on science and the world around them.

As outlined in the Science2Go Exposé:

From windmills over geysers to particularly interesting nature sides, predefined hotspots in diverse scientific categories are scattered all over the map, ready to be discovered by Science2Go users. Whenever a user gets close to a hotspot, they will receive a notification about the nearby hotspot, suggesting exploring it. After confirming, the user will get access to fascinating content in the form of text, audio, video or animation, specifically tailored to the present hotspot.
Source: Science2Go Exposé, 23/11/2018

Date: March 18, 2019