App – Walk-Through (Personal Guide through HSRW Campus)

By Chetna Krishna & Tyra Kaddu, 2019

HSRW Walkthrough is a mobile application that provides a personal guide to users around the university’s Kleve Campus. It intends to give quick access to information to anyone present on campus (or even off campus) – newly enrolled or old students, staff members and visitors, including information on upcoming Events via Events tab or a mobile notification. It directs users to central locations such as the Mensa or various laboratories, providing further guidance that would not be available at first glance or without the aid of a staff member.

The app is comprised of several tabs providing users on up-to-date information regarding the different aspects of the campus such as, ongoing clubs a student may join within the Clubs tab, or the different places a student may need around the campus within the Study Area tab or Chill Spots tabs.

In addition, with QR technology and strategically placed QR codes around the campus, users should be able to find out what exactly happens in that area and what potential events or experiments happen or will occur there. The QR codes direct readers to a Blog describing important locations of the campus. So far, the first QR code and blog about Audimax is up and ready!